I'm currently out of stock. Please check back in about a month. THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!


The site is UP!!  And I have a few surprises. 
Work has been crazy, but I finished most of the site while traveling home from work today. Unfortunately only the mug will be available for purchase as I am still working out some details and everything needs to go as smoothly as possible for those making their first donation purchase with 395 North.
For all of you interested in purchasing the Adventure Beckons mug, with proceeds going to Friends of the Inyo, it will be SHIPPING ON MARCH 23rd. I’m waiting on the delivery of a few mystery gifts that I will be including with the mug for your support.
I appreciate your patience, as this is all brand new to me. It’s exciting and sort of scary, but it will be worth it. Please let me know below if you have any questions or suggestions. Also I’m sure there are tons of typos.
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