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Putting It Out There. 

I'm just one of many who love the outdoors and want to Give Back To The Wild, but find it financially difficult to give back as much as I would like.  

How can I give more than I can afford?
I plan on designing products for like minded people, then using their consumer spending power help support great youth outdoor programs and land stewardship organizations.
That sounds a little business evil?
It may sound that way, but apparel and products are a great conversation starter and way to get the word out.  If you don't want to donate via a product purchase, then please donate directly.
Giving back means more than just money and donations....
The process of marketing and selling product brings public awareness to more people. Awareness and Education will be critical elements in the stabilization and protection of our wild places.

A new adventure on the internet and a little history. 

395 North is the result of a love affair that started with summer backpacking trips and adventures in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. These childhood experiences exposed me to the raw beauty of the Eastern California and opened my eyes to the importance of nature in our lives. 

Wanting to give back, I started to do some research and soon realized how confusing the non-profit world is.  I couldn't figure out where to start, who was real, and was having a hard time feeling like my $20 donation would do any good.  So I decided to create something that would allow me to provide more support to great non-profits with good intentions.  How hard can it be?   :) 

(By the way, a few people mentioned that I can't write the two companies that inspired my journey. Who would have thought I need to have permission to just mention people doing good things without lawyers getting involved.)

The plan is to make 395 North something special. Something more than just another brand feeding some mouths.  I'm not exactly sure how it will work out, but the goal is to give back, support, and inspire a love for adventure and the great outdoors.... BUT ON A SMALL AND PERSONAL SCALE.  This will be accomplished by curating a unique collection of goods for folks that crave adventure and give in to the call of the next dirt road.

In the beginning, profits from at least 2 products at any given time will be donated to amazing non-profits, environmental advocacy groups, and youth outdoor programs. Eventually we will add more products and worthy groups.

Hopefully we can do better than just 1%.

Thanks for stopping by.    -  J



Other Stuff 

On another note. Check out our Instagram feed or check out the delightful list of rambling below to see what we love: 

  • We love to explore, wander, and discover
  • I love big empty spaces and horizons that stretch further than we can see
  • We would like to encourage respect for our wild places
  • Roaring river or a tiny spring, water is an obsession of mine
  • And I can't resist sitting in every river I come across...unless it's really gross
  • Is there anything better than a hot spring on a brisk evening?
  • Big mountains and puffy clouds...and kittens
  • Starry night skys, shooting stars, and the milky way
  • We love stickers
  • We want to support local community and artists
  • I definitely have a soft spot for kids...but I'm not the most patient person
  • Lazy hammock days
  • Camp fires with friends
  • Vanlife!...one day
  • Being outsiders just awesome.
  • Roadtrips.
  • Sleeping in cars. 
  • Sandy hotdogs...NOT
  • Setting up camp in the dark and waking up in someones back yard...or being surprised by the view in the morning
  • We really want to support local community and artists
  • We have a love affair with the Owens River
  • Can you seriously say you don't like kittens?
  • Mountains are our castles
  • Many places need to be kept secret